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Ask the Psychologist Issue #14: Gaslighting

According to the DSM–5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health … we can cause symptoms of depression —  illnesses of the mind, that are caused by abuse, isolation, gaslighting. The below description of the psychological term, Gaslighting, relates to the topics in the previous Issues, 12 and 13 and will hopefully help people understand the larger picture discussed in these prior […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #13: Why are so Many Media Outlets Providing Similar Biased Information?

I have often been asked by many people, Why are so many media outlets providing similar biased information? In Ask The Psychologist Issue 12, I was asked the question, How Do I know What To Believe in the Media?  The below would appear to answer most of that question (Why are so many media outlets providing similar […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #12: A Free & HONEST Press In A Democracy

There have been a few additions to what I previously sent out as well as a response from a friend that I feel is worth sharing. RESPONSE: Quiet a point you have here Bart! You listen to a station n get influenced by what u hear. U change station n get a different outlook n […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #11: An Appreciation Exercise to Combat Shelter In Place

I thought I would share the below with you during this time where so many people are being asked to stay home to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Over my many years of seeing patients, many with marital and family problems, I could see myself today ( Now retired), asking my patients to put […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #10: Treatment Possibility for COVID 19 By Dr. Richard Bartlett

July 21, 2020 As a psychologist, I had many individual patients over the years that were fearful about various things but presently there appears to be mass fear about about one thing, contracting COVID 19. I fround the best way to combat fear is to restore hope that the problem facing a person can be […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #9: Researchers Studying Ultraviolet Technology to Dampen Virus

Much of the article below was originally Published in the Pittsburg Post Gazette by DON HOPEY) Based on current research, the below information is something that should be explored for a safe return of students to schools. If “far UVC light” it is safely developed, students can return to school with no changes from past school procedures. […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #8: How do you know if People in the Media are Telling the Truth

 The University Of Scranton is a Jesuit College in Pennsylvania that required, when I attended, all its students to basically minor in philosophy. Many of us complained about having to take all these classes at the time, since we didn’t immediately see how it would help us get a job when we graduated. But as […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #7: How The Media Creates Victims In Our Society

I have been asked the question; Does the media teach people destructive behavior?  In 1985, I started to write a book (Which I now intend to finish) after observing first hand how the media creates victims in our society. At the time, I was attending a murder trial of a sibling, that I won’t get […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #6: Reasons People Join Gangs that Inflict Human Suffering

I have been asked many times, why do people join hurtful gangs that inflict human suffering ?  This question is even more relevant now that we are watching riots on TV, in many parts of the our country, where hurtful behavior is being demonstrated, by what can be called gangs; one that is mentioned often […]

Ask the Psychologist Issue #5: Demonstration, Rioting and Looting, WHY

Some people are asking the question, what should happen to people who demonstrate and may cause injury to others or damage others property. First one needs to distinguish between a demonstration, rioting and looting, regardless what the media calls it. Demonstrations (Or Protesting) are a form of activism, usually taking the form of a public gathering of people […]