About the Author

About the Author

Bart P. Billings, Ph.D

Bart P. Billings, Ph.D.
COL SCNG-SC (Ret), Military Medical Directorate
Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY 7656
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist MG 4888

-Director/Founder International Military & Civilian Combat Stress Conference
-Initial Enlisted Ranks and Retired as Medical Service Corps Officer with a total of 34 years in US Army.
-Recipient of the 2014 Human Rights Award from Citizens Commission on Human Rights International

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Dr. Bart P. Billings has been working in the fields of Mental Health, Human Services and Management for over forty-eight years. He possesses licenses in Clinical Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy and has past expertise as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. In Feb.2014, he received the International Human Rights Award from the Citizens Commission On Human Rights (CCHR). Dr Billings most recent award on June 3, 2016 was presented to him from the University where he received his BS and MS Degrees, the University Of Scranton. This Jesuit University’s highest award is the Frank O’Hara Award, given for living the Jesuit values of Serving Others over his career.

He has an extensive background in Management and Program Development, which include, but is not limited to, Chief of Professional Services/Assistant Director at the University of California, Davis Teaching Hospital’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department. He also founded the Institute For Occupational Services (IOS).   He was the Commanding Officer for a Army Reserve General Hospital Section & has served a total of approximately 34 years in the US Army as enlisted and as an officer. His highest military rank was Colonel (SCNG-SC Medical Directorate). He has founded and directed: The Annual International Military and Civilian Combat Stress Conferences (22 yrs.), Prisoner of War Conferences and the military wide Human Assistance Rapid Response Team (HARRT), which was accepted at the Pentagon in 1997 as a readiness protocol to be implemented military wide.

Bart Billings 1963

19 as a cadet in ROTC at the University of Scranton Jesuit College in PA (1963). First car was a 1955 Pontiac.

He was recently a guest on HBO’s Vice News, previously ABC’s Night Line and US News And World Report. He has been featured on national & international documentaries, TV news shows and extensive radio shows, discussing Combat Stress. He has given testimony to Congressional and at State Legislative Hearings on the need for better Mental Health Treatment Programs for military personnel and their families. Some of these hearings resulted in the awarding of a multi million dollar Department Of Defense grants for national research on how to improve treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries. He is responsible for initiating Congressional Hearings held on Feb. 24, 2010, providing Congressional Hearing testimony on the relationship between psychiatric medication and increased suicides in the military (available on the Congressional Record). September 2012 he lectured to some of the psychology faculty at West Point USMC.

On June 5th, 2003, he was named as a member of the Governors Advisory Board to Patton State Hospital, California. He has worked overseeing all psychological services for the San Diego District of the California Department of Rehabilitation. He has developed residential treatment programs in substance abuse and alcoholism, as well as human assistance programs for the civilian and military community. Recently he wrote a chapter in a book for attorneys called” Attorneys Guide to Defending Veterans in Criminal Court”. He is a member of the National Center for Youth Law Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Billings had been senior faculty at the William Glasser, MD Institute for over thirty years and has thought classes at the University of San Francisco, University of California Davis, United States International University, etc., as well as workshops on counseling and management throughout the United States. He speaks on Health and Nutrition with the focus on “The Psychology Of Eating, How We Choose To Eat – Alternative Thinking/Healthy Cooking”. As prior owner and operator of a restaurant for 4 years, he practiced his teachings.

He was the founder and president of a manufacturing company called TBH Productions that produced OmniSonic professional audio loudspeakers. His work with sound and vast experience in the medical field has resulted in him writing an article in the Navy Medicine Journal titled, “The Sound You Feel Can Be Dangerous To Your Health “(Jan-Feb 2002, p.22-26), which deals with vibroacoustic disease. He was awarded an Honorary Chaplain Certificate from the Georgia State Defense Force. He has also volunteered for charities at times as a performing arts / special events director, producer and writer for over thirty years. He has directed The All American Festival, which raised funds for Veterans Scholarships. From April 2010 until November 17, 2012, he personally owned a very popular restaurant/bar in La Costa California, drawing a large number of retired and active duty veterans, who often spoke to Dr Billings about their own personal issues with combat stress problems. An article in the military section of the North Coast Times (9-17-10) described his work with veterans and their visits to his restaurant. In 2015, he was asked to be a Commissioner for the CCHR International organization. His book titled “ Invisible Scars – Treating Combat Stress, PTSD Without Medication “ covers over 40 years of his work with Combat Stress’ residual effects on our veterans and their families.