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Ask The Psychologist Issue #25: Solution for Preventing Purchases of Firearms by Individuals with Mental Disorders

In the short video below, the presenting consultant does an excellent job explaining reasons for gun violence that I agree with, but I feel he missed the most important reason as I explain below.  He fails to include the use of prescription (Black Box Warning Psychiatric Medication) and illegal brain altering drugs, in his description of why there are […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #24: Identity And Memorial Day

In psychology, identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make a person (self-identity) or group (cultural identity). I recently met a retired school teacher, who thought American History and World History. She stated that when teaching, she took her students on many field trips to foreign countries. Part of the trip involved a visit to an American Soldiers Memorial Cemetery, […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #23: How Does Fear Affect a Person?

I have had several people ask me how fear can affect their physical and mental health. We have all heard many expressions in our life that demonstrate how fear could be expressed. Scared stiff, scared straight, he/she is scary, if your car doesn’t scare you it doesn’t go fast enough, heebie-jeebies, makes my blood run […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #22: Is it a Normal Reaction to be Anxious Prior and After Receiving a Vaccine?

To answer the question above, that I receive from many people, I can only offer what I have stated in my book, “Invisible Scars”, — When experiencing an abnormal situation, the response of anxiety, depression,etc., becomes a normal reaction — Dealing with emotional reactions requires people to understand first, that many times what you are […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue: Bonus Edition

For 24 years, I directed what became the INTERNATIONAL COMBAT STRESS CONFERENCE and based on what I learned, from all the people who spoke at the conference and those who attended, I was able to write a book about Veterans and Combat Stress called “Invisible Scars”. The book was written to help save lives and […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #21: What you can do to be positive and happy in 2021

I have heard some people complaining that this past year was quite negative and not looking to much positivity in 2021. I sent out to a few friends, what I have written earlier in the day and some responded that I should send this out as an ASK THE PSYCHOLOGIST 21ST ISSUE. ONE PERSON RESPONDED, “These are […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #20: Depression is Most Often a Normal Reaction

This year, with the COVID 19 Flu outbreak, many people have been experiencing depression and inquiring about the best way to deal with their depression. One of the things that I have been telling people is that depression is a normal way the body deals with any type of loss. When people experience a loss, […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #19: Many people ask me, how can peoples judgment be so clouded they can’t separate facts from mistruths?

Coercive Persuasion or more commonly called brainwashing may be looked at to somewhat answer the question; how can peoples judgment be so clouded they can’t separate facts from mistruths? In 1985, I was attending a murder trial and observed the expert witness psychiatrist testifying for the defendant. For a half hour, he was asked questions by […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #18: Understanding Negative Projection or Transference as a Possible Reason for Hurtful Behavior

Since we see so much negativity on various media outlets, the below issue will cover the negative side of the concepts described, although there is also a positive side. With all the angry exchanges we see every day on the news between politicians, news reporters, etc., how do we determine the reason they are so […]

Ask The Psychologist Issue #17: What is a Litmus Test to identify evil in people?

I have been asked many times by people, how do you identify evil in people and people who are basically evil. An article today, by a media news and opinion personality Bill O’Reilly, gives us all an idea on how to identify evil in our thinking, as well as people who are basically evil in […]