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Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD) Is Much More Than A Hearing Problem

Vibro Acoustic Disease

(Text version of the article available below)   by Bart P Billings, PhD, COL(Ret) In the late 1990s, I was working with some professional audio sound technicians and had an opportunity to experience the sound system for a major concert. They wanted me to listen to the sound system they were setting up in a large […]

Here we go again in Parkland FL. How can we get the national media to read this and see what is happening? All they talk about is the same old thing — Guns and Mental Health. If they want a solution it’s here.

WHY ISN’T ANYONE ASKING THE OBVIOUS QUESTION,— ”WAS THE SHOOTER NOW OR PREVIOUSLY ON PRESCRIPTION BRAIN ALTERING PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS THAT HAVE A BLACK BOX WARNING INDICATING SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS? On 10/4/17, I wrote an editorial discussing the mass shootings in Las Vegas and also in Southerland Springs Texas (Below). Today, 2/11/18, I read an article […]

Excerpts from chapter 4 regarding CTE

I explained that I strongly felt all football players, to a degree, have experienced CTE. My comment was based on the nature of the sport and the 4-22-15 article in USA Today; “Judge Approves Potential $1 Billion Settlement To Resolve NFL Concussion Lawsuit”, which reported that 6000 retired NFL players will receive an average of […]

New Report Shows High Percentage of Active Duty Soldiers Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs

One-year assessment of 38,000 active duty troops reports approximately 86 percent of those diagnosed with PTSD and depression filled at least one prescription for a psychotropic drug By Dr. Bart Billings on August 17, 2017 A new report issued by the RAND Corp. shows that high percentages of active duty service members in 2013-2014 filled […]