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Ask The Psychologist Issue #42: The Psychology of Public Speaking

Ask the Psychologist

Since the response regarding the below article was very supportive (which I sent to a limited number of Church going people), I thought I would make this article an ASK THE PSYCHOLOGIST EDITORIAL. Here are some of the feedback comments: —- “AMEN” —- “The shortcoming is very sad. There was a priest here in …………  that […]

Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD) Is Much More Than A Hearing Problem

Vibro Acoustic Disease

(Text version of the article available below)   by Bart P Billings, PhD, COL(Ret) In the late 1990s, I was working with some professional audio sound technicians and had an opportunity to experience the sound system for a major concert. They wanted me to listen to the sound system they were setting up in a large […]

Medicine Cures Diseases of the Body; Wisdom Liberates the Soul of Sufferings

The above title of this editorial is reflective of the work done by Gorgias (485-380 BC), who was a Greek Philosopher, who lived in Leontini Sicily. Below I want to elaborate on what Gorgias knew over 2000 years ago, WISDOM LIBERATES THE SOUL OF SUFFERING. Part of my work for many years has been to […]