Medicine Cures Diseases of the Body; Wisdom Liberates the Soul of Sufferings

The above title of this editorial is reflective of the work done by Gorgias (485-380 BC), who was a Greek Philosopher, who lived in Leontini Sicily. Below I want to elaborate on what Gorgias knew over 2000 years ago, WISDOM LIBERATES THE SOUL OF SUFFERING.

Part of my work for many years has been to expose the destructive nature of brain altering psychiatric medications, that have BLACK BOX WARNINGS. I have been making people aware for years of the BLACK BOX adverse reactions that these drugs have on people. I discussed this briefly in the very well done documentary, “Hidden Enemy”, along with several dozen other professionals. (

I have been a Roman Catholic my entire life, even attending a Jesuit College for undergraduate and graduate studies. In 2016 I received the highest award from the Jesuit College, the University Of Scranton, the “Frank O’Hara Award”, for living the Jesuit philosophy of “Serving Others”. But in all my lectures and 50 years in the mental health field, I have never seen brain altering psychiatric medications from a religious viewpoint. That all changed this past week, due to my exposure to several people and situations.

On October 18th, 2017, I gave a talk at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) in Los Angeles. Preceding me was a Medical Doctor who discussed how rampant the distribution of psychiatric drugs is throughout the world. In Asia, Africa, Europe etc. These drugs, as I previously know, are now being given to very young children, as well as adolescence and adults, and are now more than ever, being distributed on a worldwide basis.

The next day I spoke with my daughter, who works with and teaches young high school age students. She told me that many of these students are being legally given and taking amphetamines (Speed by it’s street name), because they have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD, which I feel are made up labels). I knew this had been occurring but did not know the extent that many students fake learning problems so they can get these medications legally. These meds are also rampantly distributed among students, from student to student. Also, these medications are known medically to shrink ones brain (Can be seen on brain scans). It is common knowledge that for many people, these drugs are entry-level drugs, leading to more heavy illegal drugs used later in life.

The following 2 days, each day, I had the opportunity to speak with a Benedictine Oblate (She works with various people in the US at the Vatican), a psychologist who specializes in brain scans and a community leader, who is heavily involved with the Catholic Church. In all, over these 2 days, I spent about 8 hours in discussion; chief among the subjects was the extensive distribution and the destructive nature of BLACK BOX brain altering psychiatric medications.

My feelings prior to these past few days was that the massive mis-use of these medications was a crime, due to the side effects resulting in many acts of violence and suicide, associated with their usage (As I explained extensively in my #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, “Invisible

Today, I came to see that the massive use of these medications as a crime against humanity. Although people don’t necessarily see me as an overly religious person, but mostly as a good person, I will presently attempt to make a religious point on this subject.

With the above in mind, I now see the distribution of these BLACK BOX brain altering psychiatric medications as a sin against humanity. If you believe the part of the title of this editorial, which states, “wisdom liberates the soul of sufferings”, then we must look at human beings as having a soul.

If we agree that WISDOM liberates the soul, then we must see that brain altering drugs (Adverse effects include suicideation, poor judgment and reasoning, anger and hostility {Homicide}, etc. etc.), as described above, interferes with people becoming wise, their ability to acquire wisdom, and that these medications, steal ones soul. The ultimate in stealing a soul is suicide and homicide, which is closely associated with these drugs.

If you believe in good (God, etc. etc. based on your religion) and evil (Words used to describe evil are Satan, Devil, etc.), then what would be a convenient subversive way for evil to steal ones soul, than to deprive them of their wisdom, with brain altering drugs. Therefore, I now see pure evil attempting to control human beings by feeding them brain altering psychiatric medications in massive amounts, to all age people, throughout the world.

Bart P. Billings,Ph.D.
COL SCNG-SC, Military Medical Directorate (Ret.)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist CA PSY 7656
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist CA LMFT 4888
-Director/Founder International Military & Civilian Combat Stress Conference
-Initial Enlisted Ranks and Retired as Medical Service Corps Officer with a total of 34 years in US Army
-Recipient of the 2014 Human Rights Award from Citizens Commission on Human Rights International & The University Of Scranton “Frank O’Hara Award” in 2016. (“Invisible Scars” & “Unhealthy Eating …” Books Website) (Combat Stress Conference website)


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