Ask The Psychologist Issue #22: Is it a Normal Reaction to be Anxious Prior and After Receiving a Vaccine?

To answer the question above, that I receive from many people, I can only offer what I have stated in my book, “Invisible Scars”, — When experiencing an abnormal situation, the response of anxiety, depression,etc., becomes a normal reaction —

Dealing with emotional reactions requires people to understand first, that many times what you are having is a normal reaction and by educating yourself, you can move on with your life, being able to make proper & informed decisions on your future actions. 

But, what I have learned, is one must face the reality that there are adverse events that are consistent with most all medications. There are FDA BLACK BOX warnings on basically all psychiatric medications (And others), that have real and serious side effects, including suicide, homicide, depression, etc. So much so, that in Oct. 2020 a bill was passed by Congress and the White House requiring any suicides, where the person was on the previously mentioned medications, would be investigated. —

Section 204 of S 785 re investigating Veteran Suicides and Medications status: “ …to evaluate the effects of opioids and benzodiazepine on all-cause mortality of veterans, including suicide, regardless of whether information relating to such deaths has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
As you can see it would be a normal reaction to worry about side effects of various vaccines and medications if one is mis-informed. 

It is fortunate that the FDA and CDC has established an adverse event reporting system in 1990 where people can report adverse reactions to medications and various vaccines. I have actually used this resource in the1990s when I had an adverse reaction to a vaccine that resulted in me contracting Gillian Barre Syndrome ( This syndrome is one of the side effects of the current COVID Vaccines.

Now individuals can access this FDA/CDC reporting system to educate themselves and  look at the side effects of the COVID vaccines. It is a little complicated but here is how it is done:

1. Go to

     (VAERS is co-managed by the CDC & the FDA)

2. Click on “Search VAERS Data” in the middle of page
3. Scroll down to the bottom, and select the final box that say “I have read and understand the disclaimer”
4. Click “Download VAERS Data
5. Next to the year 2021, select the link to the Zip file
6. You will be prompted to complete a Word Verification, then click “Download File”
7. Open your Downloads folder and double click the new Vaers Zip file to unzip content.
8. The unzipped folder should contain 3 files — open the first one; “2021vaersdata.csv”
9. The chart is long and will scroll left to right. The column of focus is column J, “Died” – we are looking for those with a letter Y in column J.
10. To narrow this down and view only those who have died, you will want to go into the formatting settings. The below are steps for the Numbers program on a Mac; if working on Excel or on a PC, the steps may be slightly different, but the principle should be the same.
     -In the upper right corner, click “Organize” and the click “Filter”
     -Select the “Choose a Filtering Rule” in the drop down menu
     -Select “abc text” and then click “contains…”
11. In the empty box that will be provided upon making your selection, type the letter Y and hit enter.
12. You will see that your chart should now have a list of people with the letter Y, (Yes, have died), under column J.
     **^All of these people with a ‘Y’ under the ‘Died’ column, have suffered death as an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine; keeping in mind that the VAERS site only gets about 10% of data reported to them.

 Below is a report released by microbiologist SucharitMD, provides important information that most people may not know about. The general media has been giving all one side of the issue but there are two sides of all issues and to make an informed judgement, people should be informed on both sides of every issue. If one refused to look at both sides of an issue, they simply become sheep — become the Lion with information. 


Thai-German microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, MD has issued a public challenge to medical regulators “to release the bald figures of the numbers of people who have died within 28 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Bhakdi, a physician with experience in microbiology and infectious diseases, chaired the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Mainz from 1990 until his retirement in 2012.

In a video message, Bhakdi said: “I speak to you today on behalf of a group of medical doctors and scientists who pursue no political agenda and seek no personal gain. They are driven solely by their dedication to good medical practice, with its central credo: The duty to care for the health and well-being of fellow humans, and to avoid doing harm based on insufficient knowledge.

“The corona crisis has now advanced to a stage that we fear for you, and in particular for our elderly citizens and our children. Our premonition relates to the gene-based vaccines that are in this very moment being plunged into the bodies of countless people who can have no inkling of the potential dangers they face.

“Hardly anyone realizes that myriad copies of a virus gene will pervade your body and enter cells that the virus normally would not reach.

“Few realize that this could spark auto-attack events, because the immune system is misled into believing that the virus is there to be fought.

“Few know that such genetically-designed vaccines have never been approved for use in humans.

“Few know that COVID vaccines have also only been given conditional approval for emergency use. In the next two years, it will be reviewed whether their benefits really outweigh their risks.

“Every person who gets vaccinated now is actually part of this huge experiment. Of course, without any liability – because with vaccination under emergency rules, the manufacturers make no guarantees whatsoever in case of serious reactions or even in case of death. They are free from any liability.

“We staunchly advocate the use of safe and efficacious vaccines in principle. We maintain that the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine have, however, not been proven, and we demand that these basic issues be reconsidered before the vaccination program is allowed to continue its course. Because we note that a wide range of adverse effects is being reported following vaccination of previously healthy younger individuals.

“Moreover, reports keep raining in from around the world that waves of deaths in care homes follow in the immediate wake of vaccination of the residents. While a certain number of adverse events must be expected simply due to coincidence, the abundance of such reports in this case is deeply worrying.

“We are concerned that there has been and is inadequate scrutiny of the possible causes of illness or death under these circumstances.

“In fact, anyone with a medical education who has also studied the composition and action mechanism of the vaccines must realise that there is every reason to expect grave side effects.

“Once the vaccines enter the blood stream – which they will – they will remain entrapped there and will enter the cells that line the blood vessels and induce these to produce the virus protein. Two dangerous things must then be expected to happen: Firstly, many copies of the virus spike will appear on the cell surface. These may directly bind and activate blood platelets, which will trigger blood clotting.

“Secondly, the cells producing the spike protein may be attacked by our own immune system, because the immune system is trained to recognize and destroy cells that produce the virus. Damage to the blood vessel lining must be expected to cause the blood to clot, as well. The fact is likely magnified in individuals receiving their second vaccinations, as well as in patients who have been infected with any coronavirus shortly before or after vaccination. This may well have contributed to the observed clusters of deaths in senior homes, and have been case reports of serious severe illness and deaths occurring in young and middle-aged persons, because of profound disturbances in blood clotting.

“Triggering clot formation in your vessels is always potentially life-threatening. If clots form at vulnerable sites in brain, spinal cord, and heart, interruption of blood flow may have irreversible and even fatal effects.

“It was for this reason that we wrote one week ago, entirely privately, to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), alerting them to our concerns and requesting evidence that these possible dangerous effects of the vaccines had been excluded in preclinical studies prior to their approval.

“However, we have received no reply from EMA, and we are thus forced to believe that the potential dangers of the vaccines had never been excluded.

“We now feel morally obliged to turn a private letter into a public one, and we call on you to join us in our quest to bring transparency to this grave and pressing issue. Let us begin together with a challenge to the medical regulators to release the bald figures of the numbers of people who have died within 28 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We, the people, have a legal and ethical right to be informed about the risks of any medical intervention, including risks that result from missing evidence, and a right not to be experimented upon.

“It is high time for all of us to assert these rights for the sake of our children and the generations to come, and to demand of our governments that they reinstate and safeguard them. The time for governments to act, the time for all of us to act, is now.”

Several months ago, the below was reported by the FDA and CDC. Here are all the people listed that died who were reported as having an adverse event to COVID vaccine and this is over a short period of time . Many are older but that is who got vaccine first. How many would have died even if they didn’t get shot will be questioned but they would not have been reported as having an adverse event. The people reporting this as an adverse event had a reason to think so or they would more than likely not taken the time to report the occurrence. Only 10% of adverse events get reported in the US based on history.



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